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Last NNPC Update: July 17th, 2024

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In the Numbering Plans area...

...Internet offers many institutional, commercial and collector sources of information.

Unfortunately quality data is often hidden in a number of outdated, untranslatable, incomplete and very differentiated formats, in short, this is the main hurdle and it’s difficult to decide how to organize information on one’s own.

...NNPC closes the gap

…and is now available to all telecommunication’s operators who understand that a cutting-edge configuration of phone destinations is a must for a real economical advantage.

...The importance of a comprehensive and precise configuration of phone destinations

…stands out particularly for the Interconnect area, where the differences in fixed and mobile rates may be very high in terms of percentage.

NNPC is an up-to-date reference database concerning the telephone Numbering Plans

…of all nations in the world as specified by E.164 International Telecommunication Union recommendation.

Distinction between Fixed and Mobile numbers and more...

NNPC focuses on the distinction between fixed and mobile numbers, but also includes all other types of numbers like paging, freephone and premium ones.

Best-matching criteria

Phone numbers are inserted on NNPC  based on a “best matching criteria” that  dramatically reduces and optimizes the total number of rows while still guarantees the full coverage of any national numbering plan. 

Mobile numbers are also enriched by detailed information on the origin operator and network.


VOIP, Interconnection and Billing at a reasonable price

Its simple and integrated structure makes NNPC easily usable in software development and business systems like VoIP, Interconnection and Billing.

NNPC is available at a reasonable price which includes a series of monthly updates.

6 months