FAQ - Support

Q: What is included as technical support?
A: We support you on any matter related to NNPC database comprehension.
Q: Which is the preferred method to access your support service?
A: The best method to access our support service is sending an email to info@bsmilano.it.
Q: Is there a SLA for any request to your support service?
A: We have no Service Level Agreement in place. We always act on a best effort basis.
Q: How could you check and suggest the right configuration for our business?
A: After a preliminary agreement between the parties, you can send us a selection of your database via email or FTP and we can check how correct is your configuration.
Q: What is the process, if we find numbers that are not included in the database? Can we suggest them for the next update? Is there a waiting list for such requests? Is there a priority assignment?
A: You can notify us of missing numbers in NNPC database. Then we evaluate the numbers against our sources and, if they are enough documented/verified, we insert them in the next update.
Q: Do you provide onsite support?
A: We provide onsite consultancy after a preliminary agreement between the parties.